The AU

Its Permanent Representative

and the African Diaspora


Panelists - Melvin Foote of Constituency for Africa next to US flag; Ambassador Mahamadou Nimaga of Mali, Dr. Raymond Gilpin, Africa Centre for Strategic Studies and General William "Kip" Ward, former Commander, US-Africa Command.

The African Union Mission to the US hosted roundtable talks on Peace and Security specifically on making the case for a fair, effective and balanced US-Africa policy. Available data reveal Africa's evolving security landscape.

While violent civil wars and cross-border conflicts have waned, violent internal strife is on the increase. Extremist groups maybe routed militarily, but their social economic and political roots remain strong. Against this backdrop, the round-table explored forward-leaning strategic-level options for peace and security in Africa, at national, regional and continental levels. Discussions also centered on three emerging threats: democratic transitions, trans-national crime, and ideologically-driven violence. Panelists identified and analyzed concrete strategies that could be adopted by national governments and regional organizations.