The AU

Its Permanent Representative

and the African Diaspora

Monday, July 9, 2018

A consultative meeting of African Ambassadors accredited to the US and other trade experts have been taking stock of key milestones and challenges of AGOA - the Africa Growth Opportunity Act.

Today’s meeting in Washington DC is a precursor to that of Trade and Industry Ministers on July 10, 2018, which will prepare and enable African countries to have a common voice at the AGOA Forum at the US State Department later this week, 11th and 12th July.

The 17th Forum will take place in a setting where 49 African countries have made tremendous strides in the establishment of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement(AfCFTA). Six other nations recently ratified the Treaty, which is a broad-based framework for improved trade, movement of goods people and easier access to markets for people in the continent.

 The theme for this year is “Forging new strategies for US-America trade and investment. The Forum will focus on the implementation of AGOA, in view of the US Government’s new trade and foreign policy, as well come up with strategies for deepening US- Africa trade and investment relations.