"Grand Africa Tour"

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The goal of the "Grand Africa Tour" is to make Africa the preferred destination for Tourism. Tourism has the potential to accelerate Africa's economic growth and job creation. The sector also has the capacity to contribute significantly to the agenda for social inclusion, as cultural endowments and natural assets can be leveraged to create opportunities for local communities.

One of the focuses of the African Union transformative Agenda 2063 is the promotion of tourism as an instrument for economic growth and jobs creation particularly for youth, for connecting Africa's regions, and for showcase Africa's natural environmental wonders, exotic wildlife and plants, ancient cultures and historic relics, Africa's rich cuisine, dances, clothing…
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Welcome To Kenya

4 colors: black, red, green, white.
Meaning of the flag of Kenya:
Black represents the black majority in the country.
Red represents the blood spilled during the freedom fight.
Green stands for natural resources. 
The Maasai warrior shield with two spears protects all the above values.

2015 Estimates 46,400,000
Kenyan shilling (KES)
Official Languages
Swahili & English

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